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What Our Timber Creek Family Has to Say...

Eva Speck; Republic, Missouri

  • We are so grateful for Abby in our lives! She picked out Dennis the day we came to see the puppies. She kept sitting on his foot whenever he held another puppy. She alerts me every morning when he gets up and loves to clean his beard. We can't wait until she is old enough to go through service dog training so she can go everywhere with us! She is the bright spot in our long and rough journey. We thank Timber Creek Goldens for all the love they give their dogs and the new families they help with their puppies.                                                                                                                     


Katie Fee; Wichita, Kansas

  • We absolutely love our Golden Retriever, Banks! He was easy to train and has the sweetest demeanor.  Couldn't have asked for a better experience from Timber Creek!    


Kaylin Wilson;South Sioux City, Nebraska

  • We've gotten Snow and our soon to be female from Timber Creek Golden Retrievers.  He is one of the only two breeders I will communicate with. Jordan knows his dogs, business, and is very informative. His vet is also pleasant to talk to. I couldn't be happier with the buying process and how he treats not only his dogs, but his customers as well.                                                                                         


Walter Saccareccia;Valley Stream, New York

  • We couldn't ask for a better dog. Finn is beautiful and such a sweetheart. Thank you so much.                                                                                                      


Matthew Cook;Anchorage, Alaska

  • Short version: these folks are the best, no questions asked.  We adopted Marlin, and he is about as perfect as a puppy that anyone could ask for.  He is very healthy and has a wonderful temperament.  I would say that the bloodline is top notch.  Marlin wants nothing other than to just chill with his family.  He is so gentle and loyal, when off a leash he rarely goes more than ten feet and always comes right back.  He took to our girls, literally, instantly after getting home. He follows them everywhere! He is super snuggly and lovable.  Timber Creek has excellent communication and super speedy replies.  Every question I asked had an answer instantly, no "uh, let me check" or anything like that. They treat customers as friends, I was at the vet and had a question so I called. Unknowingly, I interrupted them outside with their family yet I still had everything answered.  In my opinion; Timber Creek is easily amongst the best breeders around.  Just over all friendly and easy to work with.  I could not recommend getting a puppy from them enough! In a couple years or so, we plan on getting a second puppy from them!                                                                               


The Rocca Family; Phoenix, Arizona

  • We call them ”Lucy Goose” and ”DD” and they are the joy of our family! They are rambunctious and playful but also cuddly and sweet and LOVE having their bellies scratched. It is difficult to get a pic of them because they rarely hold still but here they are at 13 weeks today! Thank you, Jordan, for breeding and raising such special pups that have brought our family so much joy and love!                                       


Devon Truitt, Arkansas

  • Man, we love this girl. My husband and I brought her home around Halloween 2017 and she has been just the best since then. In the past month she has really started to mature and come in to her own. We love her so much! She has her own instagram @violet_linden if you want to keep up with any of her shenanigans. Thank you Timber Creek for this wonderful addition to our family!                                                    


Graham Sission, Missouri

  • Jordan at Timber Creek Golden Retrievers was absolutely amazing to work with from start to finish. From helping us make the perfect selection to the final follow up emails making sure everything with Gracie's transition went well. It was an easy, transparent, and seamless process. It's hard to put into words the happiness she has brought into our lives. We can't thank Jordan and his family enough!                           


Dara Dossett, Arkansas

  • I can't thank you guys enough for this sweet angel. Dolly has not had one accident since I got her and she immediately goes potty when we go out.  She is the biggest cuddle bug and has adjusted so well! I put her in bed with me last night and she didn't make a peep.  I got up at 12:00 and 3:00 but that was me waking her up. She went right back to sleep when we came back to bed.  Such and incredible blessing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Megan Kincaid, California

  •  There’s not enough words to describe how amazing Timber Creek Golden’s is! Jordan and Victoria are incredible from the first conversation of interest- to flying our baby to California for us! We are so in love with our little lady. She is so calm and curious. They not only have beautiful dogs, but just the loveliest to work with. I highly recommend them!! Thank you guys so much!! 

Timothy Morgan, Kentucky

  •  Everything about Timber Creek has been outstanding. From the time I first contacted them about getting a puppy, they've been helpful. The process was smooth from purchasing to having our beautiful little girl shipped to Lexington, Kentucky. They updated me with pictures as she was growing, reaching out to check on her, answering any questions about puppy care I've had, and truly care about the puppies they provide. I have had an exciting experience preparing for Beretta's arrival and was in love with her the moment I picked her up. She's been well taken care of and am thankful for the opportunity to raise her as my own.


Tamara Warren, Nevada

  • I chose Timber Creek Golden Retrievers after losing both my male and female Golden's recently because of the dedication to responsible breeding Jordan adheres to. I received my first puppy (female) in late October 2019 and I could not be happier. As a result, I have since reserved another female from an upcoming litter and anxiously await her arrival in late January 2020. I have had Golden Retrievers for most of my life and I must admit that my pup is probably THE most intelligent (and yes energetic) of any dog I've ever had. Jordan is an absolute delight and is incredibly responsive, patient and informative. As a business owner myself these are qualities that I most admire. He has a client for life and my utmost respect!                                                   

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